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#1 Best Pinterest Basics-a Guide to Optimize Pinterest

Pinterest Basics-a Guide to Optimize Pinterest

Pinterest Strategies - Blogwarts Academy

Pinterest is one of the greatest inventions created to boost traffic to websites.

Yet many still don’t understand it nor use it to benefit their website or blog.

Pinterest is categorized as a social media platform, yet it is actually a search engine.

Enter a topic in the search bar and search result are delivered just like Google. For example, you can search the topic of blogs which is general, and you’ll get many results which may also be ambiguous.

Search The Blogwarts Academy and find what the results on Pinterest similar to the topic of blogs but with specific categories.

It is important to optimize your Pinterest account just as she would your website or blog. This can be done with a few tips.

Let’s start with the basics.

Your Pinterest Bio 

You need to market your profile, and this can be done through your bio. Go through your Pinterest profile to ensure that your bio has relevant keywords to help the self-promote your Pinterest account and her website. 

This includes making sure that you have your Pinterest account within your website as well as your website within your Pinterest account.

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Keywords are not Evergreen

Make sure you review your keywords monthly at least if not weekly. This includes throughout your website and the hashtag to use but also within your bios. Use a fresh set of keywords often to ensure you’re gaining traffic.

Pinterest Rules

Make sure that you know the rules of interest of what you are and are not allowed to pin our share. Such as if you believe there is something questionable that should not be taking place on Pinterest  review the rules.

The terminology within interest is pretty simple. It’s important to know how many boards you can have and how many pins maximum you can also have pinned. It’s rare for people to get to that extent where they have maxed out their Pinterest account.

Stay Niche Related

If you are pinning, say, about cats, then you may want to keep your Pinterest Boards cat related.

Such as, you can have a board for kittens, a board for black cats, a board for white cats, a board for cat costumes, etc. If you pin about dogs, then you may want to have another board for just dogs or for other animals. But you’d do you want to stay within your niche which would be animals or specific animals.

Anything outside of your niche where did need to have a separate board so that way they do not get mixed up. Some avid Pinners believe it is a rule of thumb to not mix boards.

Make Quality Pins

As you browse through Pinterest, you will notice that many of the pins look very professional and high-quality. They are appealing and capture your attention.

They may look like a professional graphic designer had created them. Many pinners, especially bloggers actually make their own pins through

Canva is really simple to use and affordable. You can start off with a free account. Many pinners will use Canva to find a template to make a pin. These templates are customizable.

They can be made with various colors and fonts. You can also upload your own images or even change the background.

That’s wraps up the basics of Pinterest. We hope you found this …Pinteresting.    

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