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E-Mail Resources

E-Mail Resources

Email Resources - Blogwarts Academy

From e-mail hosts to E-mail Service Providers or ESP, sorting through the choices of services can be time consuming.

Knowing which ones are the best or which one has which feature we may be seeking makes one they wish they had a magic wand to choose the right one.

Nonetheless, situations change and so do the features and prices of ESP's.

We help you sort through to have more knowledge to decide which is best.

Communicating with your audience is a key element to keep them involved with updates to your blog. This can include sharing the latest blog post, latest news, upcoming events or even a new tip. 

Turning your visitors into loyal followers can be done primarily by having them become subscribers to your content. 

Some question: why do I want e-mail subscribers? This is where you get to own not just your content but also you "list". You e-mail list will be what you own because they have decided to give you their private contact information. 

On social media platforms, you create an account on their network. You can grow a following on any social media network. But-- you never own that list. Any network can close your account. Then you lose all those followers. 

Whereas, with growing a subscriber list, you can contact your followers directly and send them your latest posts, redirect them to your site, recommend other bloggers and even products through affiliate marketing. 

There are many e-mail service providers available that can help you not just grow your list but also help you market to your followers. Many have pre-made templates for you to use and customize to your audience. 

A popular email provider is ConvertKit that helps many bloggers get started with growing their list. They provide sign-up forms for your readers to opt-in besides the email designer to create simply beautiful emails. 

Many features are provided with ConvertKit including landing pages to upset goods and products your website may have available. ConvertKit offers automations and naturally multiple integrations for your message creation to be more seamless. 

One of the coolest features of ConvertKit is that they change revised their free plan to include 1,000 subscribers. This is very helpful for newbie bloggers just getting started and are bootstrapped. 

You can get started now with ConvertKit by clicking here. Be sure to check out the stories on the ConvertKit page of how they help you take your side hustle further into your career. 

A favorite amongst many starting bloggers is MailChimp. It's platform is very user-friendly and easy for the less tech savvy. MailChimp has many integrations, including WordPress. Talk about convenient! 

MailChimp offers many unique features and is like a digital candy store. They offer a custom domain to claim, creation of shoppable landing pages, customizable sign-up forms and e-mail opt-in's, and even digital ads to be placed strategically where you like. 

One of the cool features of MailChimp is how they connect to not just E-commerce but also retail so all types of businesses can connect to their customers and know about the latest sale. 

Need to create an email on-the-go? No problem! MailChimp has a very easy to use app so you can communicate on your mobile device. You can tweak your MailChimp marketing campaign to also increase your sales. 

There are a ton of resources made available on the MailChimp website. What's even cooler is that you can start growing your email list for free today. MailChimp's free plan offers up to 2,000 subscribers! Get started with MailChimp now by clicking here

Aweber is one of the amazing e-mail services that helps you build your list by automatically creating newsletters for you of your latest blog posts. This is a very convenient feature when drafting weekly newsletters to subscribers. 

Need landing pages but don't have a website? No worries! Aweber helps you create those landing pages to get your business running so you can upsell.

Aweber helps you save time by creating e-mails with the right triggers to the right person, right list, right group and the right time. This feature helps you target e-mails to the right audience. 

Access a library full of e-mail templates with Aweber. Integrate your Aweber e-mail services with multiple software like WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook, WordPress and much more! 

There truly are a ton of neat and extremely helpful features the Aweber delivers that sets them apart from others. Best of all, Aweber offers only 2 plans. One that is free. And the paid plans offers UNLIMITED everything!!! No other e-mail service provider delivers endless possibilities for one great price! 

Click here to get started with Aweber and have a forever e-mail solution to help your website growth exponentially! 

There are many e-mail services available to help you grow your subscriber list. Knowing which services can truly help your business is beneficial to your site's growth. Be sure to check out all the Blogwarts Academy Resources to help you grow your blog even further! 

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you.

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