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How to Make Money Writing Product Reviews on Your Blog

How to Make Money Blogging About Product Reviews

There are many ways to make money on your blog. One of the common methods is to write reviews of products. This can be done with many products out there that your audience may use. Writing blog posts for products to review is similar to a sponsored post.

Usually this could involve using affiliate links that you have been approved for with your blog from a network or a specific company.

These types of blog posts include reviews written by you for products you have personally tried, own, or tested. Some product reviewers may receive the product for free.

Let’s dive in further to look at how to get paid to review products from networks that are legitimate.


Making Money to Test and Review Products

In the beginning, brands had sent products to reviewers as compensation to those willing to write blog posts about such products.

While it is great to receive free products, bloggers actually want to get paid so they can make a living to continue as a blogger. Soon, the larger companies did compensate bloggers for reviewing their products.

The better the post audience, the more the blogger was compensated. This would have included money and free products.

There is a technique to properly write blog posts when it comes to reviewing products. The content has to be plausible and appropriate. The post cannot seem spammy or too strong of a sales pitch. Affiliate companies do not want to be seen in any negative manner. If they may be seen as such through search engines, this would have negative results.

Each affiliate has specific criteria to follow and you may be penalized if their standards are not adhered to. It is critical to ensure you know the proper format, the rules, and what is and is not allowed for each affiliate.

Product reviews have to be honest. They must be genuine and transparent. You yourself may not literally have to review each product. You could have your partner or friend or sibling or a coworker review the product for you, and you can post what they state as long as you reference them.

A fair product review presents an unbiased appearance. This means that you do list both pros and cons. It’s best to keep the number of pros and cons as close to even as possible. The list of pros might have one or two more and vice versa with the cons.

One way to earn your audience trust is by also posting product reviews that are non-sponsored. This means if you are using affiliate links for the majority of your posts, then also post about a product that you do not have affiliate links for.

This will show that you’re not trying to only make a sale no matter what. This builds trust between your audience because you are being honest and genuine. This also creates value for your blog as a whole.

Doing such could lead to attracting other brands whom may want to also work with you. This will increase your affiliate portfolio and more trust with your audience.

Paying Networks

There are hundreds of opportunities to write product reviews on your blog and social media accounts as well as the sponsored blog posts from hundreds of different companies. There are networks available that will connect brands with bloggers to write product reviews and compensate them.

You can begin by applying to various networks. Many do have requirements that you need to have such as a sizable following or a minimum number of posts. This means that newbies may not qualify. Whereas, some do not require that you have to have a huge following.

Here are some suggestions in alphabetical order for you to consider: