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Image and Video Stock Resources - Blogwarts Academy

Image and Video Stock Resources

Over 125+ FREE Image and Video Stock Resources

Creating written pieces that are eye catching and intriguing can be challenging at times. Using images in blog posts and articles helps make each piece more appealing. 

Having the proper stock photos and license-free images available can be hard to find as writers and bloggers do not want to get tagged with plagiarism nor copyright infringement. 

Many new bloggers, freelancers and online businesses struggle to find images and videos that are worth sharing on their sites that are not copyrighted. Using copyrighted materials can get one in serious trouble if they are not cautious. Rule of thumb is to take afew extra minutes or so to ensure that materials can be used freely.

One great tool to use is royalty-free images and videos. They can be found throughout the internet. It’s just a matter of finding the appropriate sources and having them all in one lace rather than go from site to site and bookmarking each one. 

Luckily for you, we have accumulated a list of over 125 resources (in alphabetical order) with the tools to help you create posts and article that create more engaging results. 

There are many website that offer images, video and stock photos to use for posts and articles for your blog's website. But some only have a few repetitive one's and then still make you pay to remove the watermark. 

Implementing photos and videos on your site(s) generates visitor clicks which in turn can boost not just stronger engagement for your results but also income. 

We here at the Blogwarts Academy have combed through many of the resources to help you have a one-stop resource page to photos and video's to enhance and build your blog. 

Most of the resources below are royalty-free yet some may require a sign-in or even a membership.

Regardless, there is a plethora of resources available. We are sure this list will only continue to grow! 

Be sure to check out our list of many resources available to you now to build, enhance, improve and grow your blog HERE

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you.

1.            123rf 

2.            Albumarium

3.            All The Free Stock


5.            BajStock

6.            Barn Images

7.            BBC Motion Gallery

8.            Beach Front B-Roll

9.            Big Foto

10.          Big Stock Photo

11.          Bottled video

12.          Bucketlistly

13.          Burst

14.          Canva

15.          Cepolina

16.          ClipCanvas

17.          Clipstill

18.          CompFight


20.         CreativeCommons

21.          Creativity103

22.         CuteStockFootage

23.         Designer Pics

24.         Detonation films

25.         Dissolve

26.         Distill

27.         Dreamstime


29.         Elements

30.         Fancy Crave

31.         FancyFootageClub

32.         FilmSupply

33.         Foter

34.         Fotolia

35.         Free Digital Photos

36.         Free Foto

37.         Free Images

38.         Free Photos

39.         Free Photos Bank

40.        Free Range Stock

41.         FreeMediaGoo

42.         Freepik

43.         Freestock

44.        Getty Images

45.         GoodStock

46.         GratisoGraphy

47.         IgniteMotion

48.         IM Free

49.         Image Free

50.         ISO Republic

51.         iStock

52.         iStockphoto

53.         Ivory Mix

54.         Jay Mantri

55.         JeShoots

56.         Large Photos

57.         Libre Shot

58.         Life of Pix

59.         Life of Vids

60.         LightStock

61.         Little Visuals

62.         Magdeleine

63.         Mazwai

64.         Mediacollege

65.         MMT Stock

66.         Monzoom

67.         Motion Elements

68.         MotionBackgrounds

69.         MotionPlaces

70.         Move East

71.         MovieTools

72.         Natural footage

73.         Negative Space

74.         Openfootage

75.         OpenPhoto

76.         OrangeHD

77.         Pablo

78.         PDPhoto

79.         Photober

80.         PhotoPin

81.         PhotoRack

82.         Pic Jumbo

83.         Pickup Image

84.         PicMonkey

85.         Pico Graphy

86.         Pixabay


88.         ProductionCrate

89.         ProVideoFactory

90.         Public Domain Pictures

91.         Raw Pixel

92.         RealisticShots

93.         RGB Stock

94.         Rocketstock

95.         Royalty Free Cartoon Characters

96.         Skitter Photo

97.         Splasheo

98.         Splitshire

99.         StartupStockPhotos

100.      Stock Footage for Free

101.       Stock Free Images

102.      Stock Photos

103.       Stock Photos For Free

104.      Stock Vault

105.      StockSnap

106.      Stocksy

107.       Studio25

108.      Super Famous Studios

109.      TwicePix

110.       UnProfound

111.       Unrestricted

112.       UnSplash

113.       Videezy

114.       Video copilot stock pack

115.       Videoblocks

116.       Videohive


118.       Vidsplay

119.       Vimeo

120.      Visual Hunt


122.      Webrazzi Stock Videos