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Marketing - Blogwarts Academy

Marketing is a way of reaching your website's target market through brand image, being appealing, and having a good reputation.

Getting visitors to your site takes unique and sometimes expensive ways to allure them.

The activities a business does to promote and sell products or services to consumers refer to the Marketing aspects. Marketing makes use of the "marketing mix," also known as the four Ps which are product, price, placement, and promotion.

These are the processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Businesses can choose from a variety of marketing strategies. Three such strategies to engage in on a daily basis include relationship marketing, online marketing, and traditional marketing.

It's more common for online businesses to primarily market online rather than traditionally. Incorporating relationships together with online marketing strengthens a business's strategy.

Yet, getting the right audience to promote your site and niche to takes critiquing and applying the right skills and messages to make them site visitors.

There are many ways of marketing your site.

Historically, many turned to Google AdWords. This has now become just Google Ads.

The explosive social media market has enabled many to go viral with videos and posts which can be quite lucrative.

Choosing the right methods and platforms to market your site with takes not only patience, and trial and error but also money.

Managing your strategies for your audience needs to be planned and updated often.

Bloggers tend to use their sites so they may monetize with their blogs. Marketing becomes an important aspect to create passive income to result in recurring revenue.

Knowing the right tools to help with your website can benefit your audience's reach.  One tool that captures your audience is by using Opt-in's.

Opt-ins aid in grabbing your viewers' attention usually with a freebie, a simple download, or even a PDF guide. They are optional products that you find enticing.

OptinMonster is a great tool to do just this. OptinMonster offers customizable opt-in's to be placed anywhere on your blog's website. This in turn increases your site's conversion rate.

Pricing is very reasonable to get started with OptinMonster starting at just $9. monthly. be sure to add them to your online toolkit.

MonsterInsights is an extremely valuable tool that helps you discover where your audience is coming from, how they are referred, which pages they browsed and which posts, are the most popular, and more.

Together with Google Analytics, MonsterInsights connects your site's data to gain deeper insights of your web traffic.

Track data to analyze from e-commerce, affiliates links, forms, users, call-to-action, and a whole lot more.  MonsterInsights also enables you to create custom reports from e-mails, behaviors, searches, real-time and other customizations.

There are multiple integrations that MonsterInsights works with like e-mail marketing, affiliates, forms, Google AdSense, Pretty Links, and many others.

The valuable data that MonsterInsights makes available in one dashboard rather than multiple networks is worth thousands of dollars. And MonsterInsights has packaged it all conveniently for you to obtain it with one seamless click.

Prices are half-price for a limited time by clicking HERE. Make sure to add  MonsterInsights as an asset to your online toolkit for your website.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a critical part of getting traffic to your website when it comes to marketing. Regardless if your traffic is paid or organic.

A helpful tool for this is the All-In-One SEO plug-in.  The SEO tool shows on-page optimization which directly helps you step-by-step to improve each page for SEO.

You can add SEO to each video module to increase your audience reach. Search engines like Bing and Google get automatically notified when updates are made to your blog for indexing.

All-In-One SEO creates smart sitemaps for betting indexing from major search engines. Webmaster Tools can be implemented with just a few clicks. AIO SEO also connects to social media for easier integration.  Even WooCommerce connects for simple SEO.

Your website can be transformed into an SEO viral machine with the All-In-One SEO tool by Semper. Be sure to use it on your blog.

Besides converting visitors into subscribers like ConvertPro does, there are marketing tools to help connect your blog to social media to post your content.

These are tools like Blog2Social and Social Warfare.

SendOwl is a great tool that enables you to sell digital downloads and earn a side hustle. Rewardful makes it simple to gain traffic by having your audience market your website for you as affiliates.

One extremely useful marketing tool is OntraPort. This automation tool enables your business to be run more efficiently for CRM, emails, e-commerce, landing pages, referrals, sales, analytics, and much more. Be sure to check out OntraPort here to make your website run smoothly.

Social Media plays a critical role in marketing your website. In order for your blog to get free traffic, using social media networks are free platforms that help your audience discover you without having to pay for ads.

Tools for social media that can auto-post your content or connect your pieces manually are timesavers and prevents headaches.

Blog2Social is one of the greatest tools we have found for sharing posts manually and scheduling. Each post, and even pages, can be customized to earn your approval before sharing.

Blog2Social connects with a huge list of networks to help you get your content in front of different markets.

Be sure to add Blog2Social to your tool kit here!

Affiliate marketing helps bloggers create passive income by placing sponsored ads, links, and the like throughout their websites. Awin is an affiliate marketing network that can help you create a side hustle from your own blog. Click here to get started making money with Awin.

Be sure to create and update your marketing plans and tools often. Check this page for more resources that can help you grow your blog.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you.

Marketing Suggestions

Marketing is key to getting visitors to your site to turn them into followers. Below are some suggestions to market your blog or site regardless of budget.

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