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Monetising to Make Money


Monetising - Blogwarts Academy

Creating passive income is a must today! As the economy throughout the world has brought much uncertainty for many, people are seeking ways to create more financial security for themselves. 

As the COVID-19 global pandemic has demonstrated that life can be turned upside down in a heartbeat, we learn being in control of our paychecks is a growing concern. 

Before the Corona Virus spread throughout the globe, we as a people had to endure the 2008 recession which impacted many financially. This may have been through a loss of funds or even downsizing their possessions as we determine what "stuff" we truly need to survive. 

Having more than one source of income has become a priority for many. Thanks to technology, many people have learned to work remotely from home through an online system their employer provides access to. 

Yet really ambitious people get creative and learn how to make a side hustle to create passive income on the side. The key is to have recurring income perpetually. 

Now think about it... it not only can be done, but IS being done!

Every. Single. Day. 

There are several ways to make digital passive income and blogging is one of the popular platforms to do so. Many often wonder how bloggers and online entrepreneurs make money. 

Popular methods are with affiliate links to products or services that pay commissions. You may have seen websites that have Disclosures stating they may earn a commission if you purchase from a link. Those are the affiliate links. 

This method can be done with reviewing products or services, mentioning the company or product in a quick line or posting a single post or article about one item. 

Ads can also take place within the sites. These can be sponsored or placement of ads. These are great methods of monetising your blog to earn passive income. 

One key point to keep in mind is to not saturate a site to where it will scare visitors away. There does need to be a balance. Make sure to keep your site reader friendly and not intimidating to be an online commercial. In other words, have it appear as a website you would enjoy visiting. 

When you create a website, some start with a blog which may develop into a full-time business by a solopreneur. Some create websites to launch a business to grow into a medium to big company. 

These websites and blogs then utilize tools to help grow and capture their audience. These methods can be done with webinars, podcasts, online course and more resources. These methods have helped many monetise their websites and blogs. 

There are simple (e)books about creating products for solopreneurs and new entrepreneurs to create passive income

Click the link here to learn more about how to make money blogging through your website. To make money with passive income, just click this link here. The Blogwarts Academy provides guides to help you get started on your way to filling your pockets with cash.