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Using WordPress to build a website has many benefits. One of the greatest aspects is that one can get starting building a blog or website for free. 

Plug-Ins benefit WordPress users in a plethora of ways!! One of the greatest benefits is that most cost nothing up front.

This allows many start-ups to create their sites on a shoestring budget.

There are many varieties of plug-ins that help with e-mails, campaigns, forms, protection, spam prevention, colors, fonts, editors and MORE!!!

Sifting through what is best and knowing what to look for can be tedious.

The majority of WordPress plugins are free. When plug-in's are helpful and fit the needs of your website, be sure to confirm they have a premium version of the plug-in. 

There are a variety of plug-in's that will make your blog work seamlessly. These can benefit your site to be automated with capturing traffic, emails, marketing and even promoting products. 

One of the many free plug-in's that WordPress users appreciate is the WooCommerce plug-in. This particular plug-in enables website owners to sell products directly to their followers. This can be done with physical and even digital products. 

MonsterInsights is one of the greatest plug-in's that helps you analyze your blog's traffic, determine demographics, which pages are clicked the most and even tells you the bounce rate of your visitors. 

Google Analytics connects with MonsterInsights to enable you to get direct insights about your websites' traffic. With this diet connection, MonsterInsights delivers extremely valuable data to help you analyze your content and critique areas for improvement. 

One of the great ways to get free traffic to your web site is by posting to social media. This can be done in different ways. 

One method is to post to each network manually. This can be individual posts or sharing the posts directly from your blog. 

Many whom do this method are aware of how tedious this task can be not just daily, but hourly throughout the day. 

This is where auto posters for social media come in, They are not just time savers but also life-saving. 

There are a few different blog post social sharing plug-in's available, For example, Blog2Social will post your blog posts directly to the social media networks you choose. This can be done manually or even automatically. 

The easy part about using Blog2Social manually is you can edit the feature image and the content with how it appears and even the keywords with the hash tags. 

Blog2Social will also show you when you last shared each post by date. This is helpful when deciding to re-post previously shared articles. They even enable you to share pages of your website,  and products for purchase.  

Social Warfare helps you to get your website articles to become popular or even go viral. They provide sharing buttons to be placed throughout your website. This can be just for articles or posts, media, products, pages and the like. 

This plug-in is an extremely helpful tool to encourage your readers to share your content. They just click one of the share buttons to the social media platform of their choice and it gets posted to their social media account. Just like that! Social Warfare gets your content gets free publicity and shares.


One of our most favorite plug-in's we use is the All-In-One WordPress Security plugin. This is a plug-in we are definitely thankful for. We owe it all to a course we found about Securing our WordPress website. 

With this plug-in, we have been able to prevent hackers from finding our wp-admin page and add to our blacklist of IP addresses. All-In-One WordPress Security plug-in has been a website saver! 

The tool is very easy to use and they provide easy to click on tips for the areas that may be confusing. We have contacted them for information and their response time has been prompt.  

The firewalls are easy to implement. A-I-O Security also provides a meter in the dashboard to show you how much to improve and strengthen your blog's security. They have made security for your blog so simple! 

The All-In-One Security plug-in also allows you to check the box to prevent your content from being stolen or copied. What a great feature for bloggers to have! 

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a critical part of getting traffic to your website. Regardless if your traffic is paid or organic. 

A helpful tool for this is the All-In-One SEO plug-in. The SEO tool show on page optimization which directly helps you step-by-step to improve each page for SEO. 

You can add SEO to each video module to increase your audience reach. Search engines like Bing and Google get automatically notified when updates are made to your blog for indexing. 

All-In-One SEO creates smart sitemaps for betting indexing from major search engines. Webmaster Tools can be implemented  with just a few clicks. AIO SEO also connects to social media for easier integration.  Even WooCommerce connects for simple SEO. 

Your website can be transformed into an SEO viral machine with the All-In-One SEO tool by Semper. Be sure to use it on your blog. 

Be sure to look into these plug-in's and others to help improve your website's functionality, growth and appearance. 

This page provides you with insights to benefit you with knowledge for the best choices.

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you.

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