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Resources for WordPress Themes for Blogs

Resources for WordPress Themes for Blogs

The Blogwarts Academy Themes

Themes help many sites to apply a motif to the visual layout and design.  After choosing web hosting, you will be able to pick different themes to build your blog.

Themes are basically templates that are technically  stylesheets. Themes    determine the appearance of a website and how your website will  display a WordPress powered website.

There are many themes available for any style to fit various niches. Themes come with many functions and can be helpful for online entrepreneurs establishing their business presence to helping bloggers have a pretty appearance to be enticing.

What one may look for in themes can be offered in many styles and codes. The great part of themes is that they have come along way with providing not just framework but also accessibility to alterations. This could be in changing text in the footer or customizing colors.

WordPress Themes

WordPress offers a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing themes for websites. The great part is that many of the are free to get one started. 

There are plenty of premium themes that provide more that just visual appeal. Premium themes can deliver elements with functionality, customization of fonts, colors, layouts and more. 

Themes could be on point and yet be even more customizable with certain plug-ins.

Knowing which themes may work better than others or which one is what you are looking for can be challenging.

There are so many choices; sometimes, the themes and settings can be like a virtual candy store for your screen.

Deciding on a WordPress theme is more than just looks and appearance. There are many functionalities that can benefit your website to choose from.

  • Do you want a sidebar to display widgets and images?
  • Will you be displaying ads?
  • Do you want to have an e-commerce store and have products displayed as a grid?
  • Do you or anyone on your team know to code and will they be working with CSS or PHP?
  • Do you want to have contact forms on your site?
  • Do you want to customize colors, fonts, or columns?

There are many choices for the functionality, purpose, and elements. Defining if you will be selling products can influence the type of theme you may need.

There are themes available that include the capabilities to create a e-commerce website. You can start with a blog and also sell merchandise on another page of your site. 

The great thing about your virtual design is that you are able to update, tweak, or change it at any time as it does not have to be permanent.

Premium Themes

There is a difference between the free versions of themes and the paid premium themes. 

It’s truly best to have more than one theme available as a back-up in case some coding breaks. Having a back-up theme helps you determine if an issue that may occur could be affected by the current theme in use by changing to an alternative choice. 

Truth is, once you have pick an evergreen theme, it is best to purchase the premium version of that theme. 

There is much value to purchasing a few themes. Having multiple premium themes available at hand gives your better control over your site including various functionality and appearance customization. 

Contact the theme developer first to learn about support and response times should the need arise. Also ensure the theme is updated concisely with the newest updates of WordPress.

Be sure to know the difference between a parent theme and a child theme. If you choose a child theme, you will need a framework to ensure all the capabilities and functionalities of that theme do work properly. 

Otherwise, your theme will have trouble functioning. It’s like placing wallpaper on no walls. It will not work. 

The appearance of themes are so attractive and can be fun in deciding just which one to set. Yet, as they are so simple to change, the choices are perpetual.

The outcomes can be endless.

We all have to start with a theme for the framework and style of our sites. But there can be so many to choose from!

The Blogwarts Academy suggests various themes to determine what may be best for your blog. Resources for selecting themes can be found below. The list will only continue to grow as more themes become available. Be sure to purchase your choice themes now. 

Here is a list of themes resources in alphabetical order to help you get started shopping for how you want your site(s) framework to appear.


Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you.

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