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Social media is one of the greatest resources to utilize for publicizing your blog or web site. Best of all, most social media platforms are free!

That means it's not only free publicity but indirectly, free advertising. People use social media to communicate through posts about personal views, family, events, memories and to connect with old friends.

The greatest benefit that has derived from social media postings is the ability for business to gain direct access to their customers.This can be done through feedback from customers about products or how a business handled a situation. This information is SO valuable, companies have paid for this data. Social media brings it forward-for free. 

Some bloggers appreciate having comments from followers directly on their websites. However, others feel that comments can leave the appearance of a blog cluttered. 

This is where social media can be beneficial to website owners. Obtaining feedback from customers and followers on social media networks can help in this area. 

Social medial also provides mobile apps for various devices. This enables your accounts to be viewed by a wider array of an audience and reach more demographics. This detail grows your audience into followers.

These followers can view your social media posts and click links to be connected to your blog. 

This free traffic can be directed to your website's products that may be on sale and this connection can boost your income. 

Using social media is important to implement when establishing your blog. 

There are numerous social media networks, hundreds, available that have various audiences and methods to share messages with.

Not all of them are one-size-fits-all. Each network can have audiences of differing demographics, cultures, locality, ethnicities, and morals.

Finding the best social media platforms and the most convenient tools for sharing your posts and articles can be a challenge to sift through.

The Blogwarts Academy helps provide you with the information you need to have the knowledge of what may be best for your website's audience. By knowing which network serves which demographic, you can filtrate which network will strengthen your site's ability to gain access to your target audience. 

There are many shortcuts to help share your posts from your WordPress site directly to social media. And many can be free! Social media network management tools can help you connect the posts from your website directly to your social media accounts. 

We at The Blogwarts Academy have a great appreciation for social media tools and being able to manage our content automatically and on the fly. There are numerous management tools that exist to help website owners connect their social media to communicate with their audiences to grow their followers. 

The Blogwarts Academy shares tools, tips and resources for getting your social media maxed out for your benefit.

Check out our Resources to help you with he elements to grow your blog.


Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, a small commission may be earned at no additional cost to you.

Maximizing Pinterest Strategies

Maximizing Pinterest Strategies

How to maximize your strategies with Pinterest to make Pinterest work for you.

Pinterest is a great avenue to utilize to gain organic traffic to your site. As a Search Engine, Pinterest is great at letting your control how you want others to see the image of your site.

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